Monday, September 14, 2009

The Sivas Massacre

The Turkish directory Can D√ľndar has made a documentary film about the tragic events that happened in Sivas (Turkey) in 1993. You can watch the film with English and German subtitles on my YouTube channel:

You can find all parts in this playlist: The Sivas Massacre Documentary Playlist

Monday, June 22, 2009

YouTube the Oracle!

Oh dear, it's been months since my last post. Sorry about that. It's mainly because I'm really lazy and most of the time I don't know what I should write about. Well, actually I have some good topics in mind, but they require thorough research and I can't be bothered with delving into Islamic texts at the moment (God is such a terrible and boring writer.)

Anyway, let me get to the actual topic. You should find this pretty interesting. As you probably know, the YouTube search box offers you suggestions while you're typing your query. I have good reason to suspect that Google amends some of the data, which means they leave out certain words and sentences, most probably to avoid offending members of certain religious groups, who can't help but boil with fury and shake fists when they see their precious, religious feelings trampled. Fuck them! Yeah, and even those who show their indignation in a more civil manner, fuck them, too! Learn to put up with criticism and satire like grown-up persons. You bloody crybabies!

Alright, here are some screen shots I made on YouTube:

Of course, Allah is enough for you! When you have a serious illness, try sticking to that idea. Pray to Allah read the Qur'an, forget the doctor.
"Allah is Satan"? Haha, oh you wacky Christians!

I love how the first 6 lines characterize Christianity. They're dead on! They hit the nail on the head, and the hands and the feet so to speak!

Islam is what? Come on... Come oooon. Tell us! WTF? Here you go, YT's attempt to be sensitive to Muslim feelings. Well, at least you get nothing, instead of only positive statements.

Hahahaha, no objections there!

It used to, a lot. Though, (late term) abortion doctors seem to be the new witches nowadays.

Islam kills? No way! It's not killing, it's Allah's justice on earth, big difference! Seems like YouTube forgot to take out this one.

Okay, okay, Christ is risen and wants your braaaains. I get it.

Jesus is the love guru.

I fully agree. It means peace as long as you don't raise your head and shut the fuck up.

Islam, the religion that's good at asserting false things.

Judaism is cool, seriously? Crazy rules and circumvention techniques are not cool in my humble opinion.

Oh, so Judaism doesn't kill at the moment. What a relief, everywhere except in the Middle East I guess.

No, no, Muhammad was a prophet. The adjective "false" is unnecessary here. They all make their stuff up (consciously or not) and people are stupid enough to believe it.

What? Nonexistent?!

Oh, the shock! Come on, you got to be fucking kidding me, right? Hey, we're not fools or delusional. We're actually vile, evil, crazy and disgusting psychopaths who will, instead of robbing you and raping your women, do the most abominable thing imaginable: we will just not believe in your holy books. What an arrogant and haughty attitude, what a horrible thought! Well, fuck you!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Turkse Chick

I almost can't believe what I've watched on YouTube right now. It is one of the most amusing and hilarious things I've seen in a long while. This short film is in Dutch (I guess,) but I think anybody will get "the plot" without understanding a word of it. Though I'd certainly be interested in what the characters are actually saying. I would love to have a transcript of this video and an English translation, because I'd like to create subtitles for this video. So if you understand the language and are interested in producing a transcript and a translation, please don't hesitate and contact me.

This video has over 508k views at the moment I'm writing this (Note: I was linking to a different instance of the video, I uploaded the video to my channel, too, because the other instance had a very vulgar and offending title.) How's it possible that YouTube hasn't censored it yet. I certainly have seen more explicit and gruesome stuff on YouTube, but one has to wonder why the (religious) Muslim flagging brigade haven't managed to bring this one down yet. Haha!

This is delicious blasphemy, so put anything else that you're eating or drinking down for a moment (you don't wanna spit it on your computer,) and enjoy watching it!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hello World!


I'm a former Muslim and I've decided to join the blogging community today. I'm not such a great writer and I'm not as articulate as some other bloggers out there, however I hope to provide you with insightful, interesting and humorous stuff most of the time.

I chose the nick Angry Atheist Nerd (AAN) for a reason, because it accurately reflects what I am. I'm  a confident atheist who has a fondness for computers and who's fucking angry with religions.  That's right, those disgusting religions made me want to puke out of my ears, my nostrils and my pie hole so many times, I've already lost count! To be fair, I often feel like that about humanity in general and not only religion. That's why I decided to do something about it. I'm so angry I'm gonna, *raaawwwr*, enough is enough, I'm so gonna... write about it? Yeah, that's right! You fear my pen, do you hear me religion? Are you scared already? And here I go:

I can't believe it! Yes, I truly can't believe it!

I can't believe in this horrible book (anymore.) This is the kind of face expression (a lot more vicious sometimes) I have, whenever I (have to) read and comprehend verses and chapters in this unbelievably inane book. It doesn't even deserve to be called a book, let alone God's perfect revelation. You call it the Holy Qur'an? I call it the Unholiest Piece of Crap! This book is an insult to the creator of this universe, if such a being even exists, which I highly doubt. As far as I can see, only the Old Testament can top the brutality and stupidity of the Qur'an; in that respect the Qur'an can be considered an improvement, who knew?

Are you a happy person and enjoy your life? That's awesome! Just avoid the Qur'an then, or prepare to get depressed if you don't. I've been following a blogger, named Kafir Girl, who had the ambitious goal of reading the whole Qur'an and blogging it one chapter at a time. Looks like she stopped at chapter 16, that's as far as she got (at the time of writing this.) She's probably dead now, poor girl. God smote her, can you believe it?! Nah, I guess she's just too busy with real life and work, hope she's doing fine.

I'm not going to read the Qur'an from cover to cover and present every single chapter here, it wasn't even compiled in chronological order for fuck's sake. It's a goddamn mess. It's like Allah deliberately wanted to make his last book confusing and hard to comprehend, so that he can torture more helpless souls in Hell because they failed to be convinced by his message.  So I will just comment on individual verses or chapters and point out interesting things about them. Other than that I will also blog about the mundane, funny and crazy shit happening in this world.

Btw, you can find me on YouTube, too. Oh, and the guy in the picture above is the Angry Video Game Nerd (I'm a fan.) He cusses video games, I cuss religions, because I'm the Angry Atheist Nerd. So long!